Coupon Sham


I, too, registered, received a 'confirmation' number, and patiently waited for my coupons. They were never received. I followed-up through the website with my confirmation #. I was told the coupons were sent to my address (which is what I expected to be told), plus 'they' could tell they had not been used and were 'expired', and I was out of luck. I filed an 'appeal' and was told the same customer-focused response, tough!. This is our wonderful government in action, or at least some of the laziest members of that group. This 'national security' scam to make a profit off this band-width is so transparent it's laughable (or at least all the way to the bank for Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.). Now THAT's a lobby........

Notify the Senator,I did.

I emaild Senator Sestak,es let's c wat he has 2 say.

I hav been on the list, since June 20th 2008, and I get the same BS. Either by the toll free, or by internet, you've been approovd for two coupons.

I tried also to re-apply,since no response has been gotten frm them.

except that you've already been approved. I think what we've got here,is what Clint Eastwood said in"Heartbreak Ridge". An honest 2 goodness clusterf--k, so we've been waiting, after the rhetoric, are we going to be the full scale losers. This is what U get when you follow protocol.

If ever,we get them. it'll be too late to get the benefit of them. I think that if one was to write to N.C.,the same response would be gotten.

If any just the same BS.,or nun @ all.


We got ours when they said they would arrive. I would strongly suggest that you pursue this in a more aggressive manner. Your tax money helped pay for those coupons so therefore you have every right to get one delivered to you. Mail does get lost, and since they do not send them my certified mail, the burden of proof lies with them to prove that you did get them.


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This seems to be going on a lot! The government needs to think about changing the envelope they send the coupons out in.

I'm not sure changing the envelope would help. I think its a problem with the system that is going to need to be looked into. It would be a lot easier for you to just get the credit at the store.


You know I have heard about people getting them but do not know any of them personally. I have not received any and I have now given up on ever getting them. I am sure though that as well intentioned as they are, they are thinking that it is not their responsibility to ensure everyone has them or gets them. I read on their website where they are only distributing a certain amount anyway.


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I hope it is not a sham. But after reading where so many people got coupons that were expired or their coupons never came, maybe I should think it is and just go out and buy one myself instead of trying to use the coupon. I will at least try and if it does not work then I will just realize how our own government is out for us.