coupons declined


I went to Kmart to get 4 boxes, my son & I's coupons were declined. Tried to call # given, they tell me to go to, I have account #'s that were declined HELP ! They are good untill 01/21/2009 I believe they were declined in error. what do I do now??????
Thank you

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Good afternoon Judy,
This isn't the first time we've seen this problem before, (see:

Did Kmart atleast give the coupons back to you?

My best guess as to what happened with your DTV coupons:

1. The validation method used to charge the dtv coupon card was broke at the time when KMart made an attempt.
2. Somehow, the DTV coupons were used already without your knowledge.
3. An inexperienced clerk/cashier did not know how to process the card or made a mistake when trying to debit the card.

I would suggest visiting another store, and trying to use the coupons before the expiration date. At this time, there isn't a method of checking the status of a tv converter box coupon at and whether it's been used already or not. (Please verify yourself when you get a chance).

You may also want to contact the NTIA/Government agency in charge of the coupon program in regards to your problem at:

Let us know if you have any other questions, and keep us updated.
I have had two to do this have them input the numbers by hand just like they would a credit card that will not swipe it is a problem with the strip not reading. the guys at walmart put them in manually and they worked. might help.:)