Coupons Delivered LATE!! :mad:


:mad: i had applied for (2) TWO on the following date 6/2/2008 and was confirmed with a mail out date of 6/27/2009
Well i NEVER recieved it, and i called to inquire the where about and how long it will take and was greeted by a very NASTY employee who would not answer my questions, just told me to go to the website.
I ask you to replay your phone recordings to hear for yourself what was said.
Anyhow, i was told by another employee after i called back right after the first employee HUNG UP on me after being RUDE to me, and was told to send a email instead.

PLEASE NOTE i would like very much to put in a consumer complaint against the first employee for her rudness in answer and hanging up. It was some female from india with a squeaky voice that i had a hard time understanding. Seems like she was in a bad mood when she first answered the phone and took her frustration out on me. I will also be sending in a complaint to the BBB today.

i was told to send a email to this email address:
which i emailed today 12/07/2008

ALSO NOTE i recieved the coupons on 12/06/2008 seems that they where delivered to wrong address by postman.

If this transition is MANDATED BY GOVERNMENT then these DAMN BOXES SHOULD BE (2) FREE BOXES..WITH EXPIRATION OF i year on coupons. This should give evryone time to get boxes, after the 1 year then its on the consumer to purchase their own.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Sorry to hear that Ace, thanks for the reference to the goverment's customer support email address. You've got everything pretty well documented, if you hear back from customer support, please give us an update here. The last couple of times I tried to contact the NTIA about the government coupon program, I received automated responses.
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