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:welcome: carolswinn,

WELCOME to the forum and the world of free TV!

Sorry, the government $40 coupon program has been over for many months. The "coupons" were actually like pre-paid debit cards that expired 90 days after issue. If you should happen to have one, or if you find one of these coupons for sale on Craigslist or Ebay, they have expired and they are totally worthless.

That being said, you still have a number of options to find an inexpensive converter box:

Try your local Thrift Store: people often give them to charity when they no longer need them. Garage sales are also a good source, as people upgrade their old TVs.

Walmart, Rite Aid Pharmacy and others often advertize them for sale in the Sunday Newspaper ads. You can use the Auction-Bot section at the bottom of the main Forum list, eBay or your local Craigslist dot org.

If you are near the Canadian or Mexican border and currently receive analog signals from foreign stations, or if you have been receiving a LP analog translator, the Converter Box needs to have a function called "analog pass thru" for it to be able to receive those stations. Many Canadian and Mexican stations are now converting to digital or they will in the near future: Canada changes to digital at the end of this summer.

Make sure you have a proper antenna for it, rabbit ears usually don't work very well. We can help you select the right antenna for your location. If you have any more questions, please ask.



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AccessHD box for $26.88 through with free site to store and stocked at selected stores: AccessHD Digital to Analog Converter Box, 1080D - Walmart stores also stock the RCA DTA800B1 for $50.

Radio Shack also has the Digital Stream DTX9950 for $60, and it is stocked at most stores. Digital Stream Digital-to-Analog Converter with Pass-through : Converters | The bad capacitor problem has been fixed with new production, it has great picture quality, an excellent tuner, and one of the best electronic program guides. (I use one of these.)


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Dan, How does the program guide of the Digital Stream compare to the DTV pal/ cm7000 pal converter guide?

I need something to recommend to people who can't function without a program guide.


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The Digital Stream doesn't have a one screen for all guide like the pal. For each channel you simply hit EPG and it gives you a full listing of PSIP EPG data, and if you select a particular program it gives you the description. It isn't as good as the pal, but it is much better than most converter boxes and digital televisions.
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