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COX cable has the fastest internet connection of all the providers out there. From i have personally used at least. They are a little expensive but really worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.


COX is ok, I have never heard anything really bad about the service. Never anything really good either so I guess they are pretty much with the status quo.
My boyfriend has Cox digital, and he loves it. I actually think he would break up with me before giving up his high speed internet connection. I'm quite happy with Qwest DSL, but when I bring my laptop over to his apartment, it's pretty fast.


Yeah i have it and they provided the best service i ever used. I was so much satisfied with their service in spite of the price. The price is bit heavy but i guess its compensated for the service..
We're satisfied with DirectTV for $35 until 2010 and free special movie channel for 3 months, you cannot bet that. Installation free and recently see the bill, exactly what we got when we do it on the internet. No additional charges like what COX USUALLY DO ON YOUR BILL. WATCH YOUR BILL, THEY ARE NOTORIOUS FOR ADDING CHARGES. Extremely dissatisfied with them.


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For those of you who want more information about Cox just check out the other threads in this category to learn more about Cox and the opinions of others. As for your question Terminator, Cox is only available in certain regions and you can find the regions they cover at I know they cover a lot of the mid-west region and qwest has a lot of the west coast.

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