Cox DTV: How Cox Plans to Handle the Digital Transition

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Cox Communications offers one of the most comprehensive "Digital Transition" plans for their cable customers. This information applies to all of Cox cable service subscribers. If you currently rent a DVR or set top box from Cox, you'll be covered for digital television viewing long after the digital transition.

So, how does Cox plan to upgrade existing cable customers to Digital Television after Feb. 17th, 2009?

Cox will down-convert digital broadcast signals to analog broadcast signals for three years (or more) after February 17th, 2009.

This means that a Cox Basic Service Plan Customer (those without a set top box) or any other Cox cable service subscriber will continue to receive television signals after the February 17th, 2009 cut off date for “at least” 3 years.

More information about Cox and DTV can be found at:
Cox Customer Support | Cable/Digital Cable


DTVUSA Jr. Member
WOW. Things change so much. I had Cox LONG ago when I had just "regular" cable. I needed internet and they didn't provide it to my area at the time so I ended up dropping their cable as well to get a bundle package...


That's pretty cool that they are able to do that. I guess then people wouldn't have to worry too much about the change for a while if they belonged to this service then.
That is really cool that they are able to do that for people. But at the same time, the government is giving away "grants" so to speak for the new digital boxes...I think the people that are going to have the hardest time with this are going to be the older people.