Crackling sound on ABC HD only



Strange happenings here and could use some assistance. First, I have a TCL Roku tv with a Comcast X1 box. I noticed beginning yesterday that on my local ABC HD channel (WJRT in mid-Michigan) I could hear noticeable static. It does not do this on any other channels or on the SD channel for ABC. I then tried the Xfinity Stream App through my Roku tv thinking that would give a clear signal. No, still static. I then tried the Xfinity Stream App on my tablet connected via WiFi and you guessed it, still static. These facts would suggest it's not my box or connection.

I next tried to listen to my local ABC station directly from the channel's website. No static. I also tried the station through the NewsOn App through the Roku tv and again, no static. Earlier today I called Xfinity and although the woman I talked with indicated that she would pass this problem along to their engineers, I can't say that I was filled with confidence regarding a solution.

Anyone have any thoughts on what this might be?

"Crackling sound on ABC HD only," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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