Create and Craft 85/222 - DirecTV

What happened to Create and Craft TV on channels 85 and 222? We really liked these shows and would like to see them aired.

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Create & Craft tv

What did happen to Create & Craft on channels 85 and 222? I watch this program daily and ordered many products. There was no notice on either DTV or the show. My mother-in-law was switching from Comcast to DTV so that she could start watching the show as she does not have the Internet. Please, please bring it back.


More then likely it was cancelled because Create & Craft TV was asking more money to be viewed with directv. I'm pretty sure Directv didn't want to take on paying more on a channel that does not meet the view ratings and raise the prices for existing or new Directv customers. Every network has a cost. Consider that next time.



I'm sad that Create and Craft is gone from my television but I have saved myself over $2,000 this year by not having it... I bought because I saw them demonstrated and had that to go back on to learn how to do things... Their loss my gain.