Cristin Milioti to have prominent role on 'How I Met Your Mother' for final season


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Many were surprised that the long running comedy series How I Met Your Mother did indeed reveal the identity of Mother. The show had teased the event many times before without actually giving viewers the news they wanted to hear. With the show down to just one final season, however, the teases for this season's finale were real.

View attachment 2356 Always seen as the woman with the umbrella, at the end of the final show, the audience both saw the woman's face and heard her voice as she bought a ticket.

Actress Cristin Milioti has won the coveted Mother role and will be a regular on the comedy's concluding season on CBS.

This final year's stories will all be told virtually in flashback during Barney and Robin's weekend honeymoon. During the shows, fans will see how Ted's friends all meet his future wife before he actually does.