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I am a long time Directv customer. Recently I was talked into an "upgrade" which would outfit my house with the latest, most advanced equipment Directv has to offer. I mostly use my receivers for the media share functionality so the new bells and whistles really weren’t that important, but I thought why not since the upgrade also came with 3 months of Showtime free. When I agreed to the upgrade I asked the question "Will I still have the media share functionality?" and I was told yes. I believed them since they were giving me the most advanced equipment they had.

Today the tech came for the install. I showed him the equipment I had and where my dish was located. Then I said "Now look Thomas, the most important thing for me here is that I don't lose the media share functionality. I have a huge library of kids movies and 2 little girls who love to snuggle up and watch them on the weekends. Friday night is family movie night (Saturday is board games)." He said absolutely you will still have media share, in fact we've improved it. You will be able to fast forward and rewind. "Great!" I said, "The house is yours, I'll be in my office call me if you need anything."

1.5 hours later Thomas said he was done, I signed the agreement and he went out to do some cleanup while I sat down to marvel at the giant leap forward I had made in my Directv experience. Let me just check something first. Menu...Extras....Media Sh..Not there. So I rolled out to find Thomas just getting into his car lighting a cigarette. He came in, acted as confused as I was and got on the phone with his supervisor, who got on the phone with his supervisor who promptly told us all that the media share functionality was removed from the Genie (Directv's most advanced receiver). Wut? But the woman who convinced me to upgrade said it would be there. The tech who came to my house with the new equipment said it would be there.

"Ok, Thomas. Can you please put back the equipment? If my features have been downgraded I would rather not have this upgrade".

"Sorry Sir, I can't do that. You'll have to take it up with customer support."

So I called customer support. During the conversation which lasted over 1.25 hours I was passed around to 4 different people. The first was a women in the billing department who didn't tell me she couldn't help until 15 minutes into our conversation. She needed to pass me to the technical support department. The next person took up the bulk of the 1.25 hours because for 45 minutes while she was periodically placing me on hold and returning to say she was researching my problem, she actually had no idea what media share was. Her solution was to have me navigate to the whole home menu item and make sure my playlist was shared. Again, wut? She finally admitted she didn't know what was going on and passed me off to her supervisor, Kirsten. Kirsten knew right away what media share was and told me right away that Directv no longer offered it as a feature on any of their receivers.

"But Kirsten" I said. "I would not have done this upgrade if the Sales rep and tech had given me correct information." Also, this: from Directv's own website which not only says nothing about Directv no longer offering the feature but in fact gives instructions on how to use it.

"I'm sorry sir, but you can download the Directv app and watch live tv and programs you record."
"That’s not what I want nor is that an appropriate response to what I've told you has happened here Kirsten. If I can't have the old equipment with the media share functionality, and you can't enable the functionality on your most advanced equipment then I really have very little use for the Directv service. Please cancel my subscription."
"I can do that but I will charge you $20x24 since you just signed the upgrade agreement today which included a 24 month commitment."
"WHAT! But I was convinced to upgrade under false pretenses! Two DTV employees and your own website falsely conveyed that I would have features I don't. Again, I wouldn't have done this or signed anything if I was given accurate information."
"I'm sorry sir. We can only waive early cancellation fees if someone dies. I can send you the agreement if you want to read it."
"Nice. No thank you, I would like to speak with someone who has the ability to waive the fee and the moral compass to do the right thing."
So I was passed to A.J., Employee ID 448171. A.J. had even less time for me than Kirsten and after insisting that Directv was not responsible for the bad information its employees give its customers he once again offered to let me read the agreement I signed. Furthermore, he would not be talking in circles regarding this issue and if I wanted to pursue it further I should write corporate in Texas.

WT actual F Directv. Look, I'm a C4 quadriplegic with a metric ton of time on my hands. If you can't make this right I promise you I will spend the next 24 months of my contract doing everything I can to make people aware of your shady practices and corporate greed. I've been a customer for over a decade, this is the first complaint you have heard from me despite weather issues effecting my service and your inability to determine when a live event actually ends. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve missed the closing remarks of a presidential address or the final (often deciding) moments of a sporting event I recorded. Despite my friends and family cord cutting with the rest of modern society I have overpaid you month after month for the one feature you unapologetically remove and now I can't leave even though you know what you’re doing is wrong?

Not since the Segway have I been so mislead and underwhelmed by tech and quite frankly I have never felt so mistreated by a service provider. I will be counting the days until I can finally cut the cord and will be a cord cutting evangelist at every opportunity for the rest of my life.


direct strikes again

I too was tricked into this upgrade. When I wanted to cancel service after having unsatisfactory service they told me I had a new contract and had to pay an early termination fee before I would end my contract. Well I ended it anyway. I will never do business with direct ever again. Ever since they partnered with AT & T my bill has increased every month. Policies changing without notice and then they expect the customer to pay just because they have swindled you into something. Well let the wait and see if I will pay an early termination fee.


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My Brother-in-Law was a CR @ DirecTV. He quit a few short months after AT&T took over.
Need I say more?