Cruise, Cooper, and Sheen: Plenty of Gossip in 2012


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The American public's quest to know all and its media interests in telling all is bound to go spinning as the summer continues. At the forefront will be the Tomkat divorce. For the uninitiated, Tomkat is the shortcut nickname for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as a couple. Of course, with Holmes filing for divorce last week, the couple moniker is taking a walk.

View attachment 1809 Already, the divorce is looking to be a nasty one that is bound to bring in religious implications. As Holmes was well aware upon marrying the wealthy Cruise, he is a very devout member of the Scientology religion. Their daughter, Suri, was already several months old when the couple wed in 2006. Supposedly, Holmes has left Cruise because of the religion.

Personally, I have to wonder if that is the case, why did she marry Cruise in the first place? She was already a mom. No doubt, tabloids and others will take on the subject for months to come. Even Rupert Murdock has weighed in on the subject. Odd, but true.

Then there is the case of Anderson Cooper, who came out as being a homosexual this week. A respected news reporter and anchor, Cooper explained that he feels it really is nobody's business but his own, but elaborated in a written email that was published in The Daily Beast that remaining silent was no longer appropriate.

This revelation, if it is one since many people have suspected it for years, is also bound to be fodder for the press for the coming months. Already people are weighing in. I actually am with Cooper. It is no one's business but his own. I also have to wonder when America will start having more tolerance for its own citizens. Give it a rest, people. Let's stop judging and just let God handle it, one way or the other. As the late Rodney King expressed decades ago, can't we just all get along?

Finally, the country's love affair with Charlie Sheen just doesn't seem to end, even with his admission that he has resumed drinking and sees no problem with that. Alcoholics may question that. That said, years ago some friends of River Phoenix were devastated when he suddenly died. The actor's death may have actually saved their lives because for some of them, they were jolted into reality. On Sunday, Sheen's buddy and former assistant, Rick Calamaro, was found dead. Medications and alcohol were found nearby. Could this death have any impact on Sheen, who still doesn't seem to get it? Time will time.

Clearly, the public has a lot of gossip to deal with as 2012 continues. The Hollywood merry-go-round just never seems to end.