CSI - Grissom's final case Jan. 15

It's been a long goodbye for Grissom, but it looks like he'll be working on his final case on CSI Thursday night. How many of you think he and Sara will ride off into the sunset?

I"m sorry to see Grissom go, but I won't miss his fascination with insects. I'll gladly welcome Laurence Fishburne aka Professor Langston to the CSI team. Didn't you think he was terrific as Morpheus in "The Matrix" trilogy? I wonder what quirks he will bring to CSI?!!!! hmmmm


Goodbye Grissom

I almost cried when Grissom did his walk through at the end of the show. OMG what will CSI do without him.

Fishburne's character seems a little nerdy. What do the rest of you think of him?

You were right about Grissom walking off in the sunset with Sara. Do you see them both returning at some point for another story line? Supposedly Grissom will make guest spots.
Not to sure what to make about Fishburne so far this season. More character development, and a little bit further into the season, and then I'll come back and comment. :) It's great to see some new faces though.


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Hi Friends, I new on this Thread. I like to watch CSI episodes. The show is my all time Favorite. I have Seen CSI-Ny also the Story of the show is awesome.