CSI: Miami Season Finale question

What the hell?! i hate cliffhangers but i am even more angry that i almost destroyed my converter but instead was left with a simple response to bad commericals. that 'WTF?!' look on my face.

Eric apparently was bleeding when the car wrecked or it caused the car wreck leaving his dad there looking dead but he was not dead (nice twist Bruckheimer!)

OK so then it cuts to a worried Callie and Horatio promising 'he'll find him.'

OK then the end there's that shallow grave, from earlier, apparently 'Filled' with Horatio kneeling over it, and cut to Callie crying as if she knows bad news.

OK so is Eric dead and they're subliminally conveying that?! i pray for a spoiler but maybe i missed something. i know i'm not waiting till fall i'll find out even if i have to break the law since a simple 'To Be Continued' would've sufficed.