Current DirecTV Sales

So, I'm not a current DirecTV user (I've used the service once for about 1.5 years in the past). Anyway, the following is the current DirecTV
sale/deal in my local area in California:

$49.94 / month for DirectTV Entertainment Package + Internet for 12 months. 150 channels with the TV package.

Other "Features" of the service:
Various package upgrades that inlcude 3 months of free HBO/STARTZ/SHOWTIME/CINEMAX

*Note: The deal requires you to sign up for 24 months of DirecTV service when you take the discount.


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Thanks for posting, I'm almost up for renewal after 2 years with DirecTV. Do you know if this deal includes the DirecTV Genie DVR or does it just come with the HD receiver?
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