Question: Current DTV subscriber w/HBO, looking into Internet TV


I'm on the learning curve, so I may not know what I'm asking and this question may have been asked.

Before I forget HELLO ALL

I like the Hbo, FX, and Spike shows and I recieve with the Direct TV contract, but the price is $$$ high. Is there a way to view these networks leagley at a with HDTV and Computer?


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Spike and FX shows can be watched online at the network's web sites. Free.
Most of the HBO shows are available - but you have to wait for them to be released on DVD. I believe they are available on Netflix. As for streaming, only if you already are an HBO subscriber with an HBO approved provider: HBO Shows Too Good For Streaming On Netflix - The Consumerist

If you have an output for audio / video on your computer that matches an input on your TV, or an adapter, you're good to go.


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1080 streaming is not available for a lot of movies. I don't know HOW much is needed for bandwidth, but its going to need a pretty reliable high speed connection. And I don't think DSL would cut it.


It is going to depend on the service you use and how they have it set up. Netflix is the best know, but there is also CinemaNow and Vudu and Hulu. All of them approach streaming and download differently. You should have at least 1.5 download speed, for most of them. Much of the quality will also depend on the device you hook to your TV and how it is hook, whether from a computer via HDMI or DVI to HDMI and whether the computer video is set to a 1080 resolution. They also make a lot of Blu-ray players that you can stream using the above services if you have them hook up to a network computer network connections many LG Blu-ray players as well as many other brand names allow you to stream to your TV via an HDMI connection. As far as the quality of the picture you will get to your TV the only way to know is to try it. Cable and Satellite TV rebroadcast their TV signals and to a certain extend they compress those signals, as do over air broadcaster when they try to pack a number of sub-channels. What might be rated 1080 and what might really be 1080 could be open to debate. The point being you probably won't be able to judge the quality of online movies or shows or the service delivering them, until you try the service.

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Questions: To stream 1080, what sort of DSL connection speed do I need?
Or is 1080 programing only through download?