Customer satisfaction - DirecTV

So it seems not only is AT&T a greedy Monopoly but also greedy instigators who designed this crappie website to manipulate and influence then edit what they think is relevant or irrelevant. To steal good ideas from more intelligent Minds than their own because they don't have sense enough to come up with good Solutions themselves. I'm the epitome of customer satisfaction and consideration and it will only cost you $500,000 a year to have a mind as good as mine AT&T . When I post things to help others get away from their services I see they edit them or remove them . Being the cowards they are and won't talk to me directly about my matters as I've spoken about before with their stupid propaganda constantly being sent to my house they have the nerve to try and monitor what I say. so now I see phil002 trying to remove what I say you are all a bunch of cowards stop hiding behind the scenes and come out and face me .like I said before AT&T doesn't respect me or is ignoring me or challenging me .I stepped up to the plate for the challenge don't back down now scary computer geeks. And quit sending me mail $200 to return back to your crappy services. An operator asked what could they do to make things right I reply if AT&T could become a person and die and cease to exist or even better if I had enough money I would buy AT&T not to fix their problems but to close their doors forever so that no one would ever speak of their name again. My only happiness would be if AT&T goes out of business forever .is that too spicy for you guys behind the scenes are you going to edit this or remove it .cowards

This question, "Customer satisfaction," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.