Customer service - DirecTV

Had wireless box go down spent time with all the app remedies to no avail. Called and was taken back thru the same steps again before determining I need a box sent to me. Get new box I set up repeat all the initial happening thru att app and representative before a tech is scheduled. He comes and repairs issue leaves number. Box goes down again along with my main DVR box now, use app again and am able to get wireless box online but not DVR. Call tech he walk me thru resets until advising need new box. This was his day off so I'm impressed but he tried his boss to see if tech available that day or he'll replace next day. Never hear back. Text next day several times no response. Call back and att will mail me new box then change to tech deliver. Had to request credit for issues and promptly advised 10 was all he could do or anyone. Asked for supervisor and he then offers me 20. Continued to ask for supervisor and was told would be transferred which never happened but he was told he could give me 31 but couldn't speak to anyone. Not good services.

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