Cuttin the Cable or Satellite Cord for Good


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The monthly savings is one reason I cut the satellite and cable cord for almost a year now, but so is the sanity that goes with watching content in a true on-demand context.

The two most obvious options are free over-the-air digital antennas and the Web. My digital antenna is a $20 item that is able to pull in more than 10 channels in high-definition, including CBC, CTV, ABC, CBS and CityTV. For example, Hockey Night in Canada looks fabulous on OTA digital because there’s less compression in the signal compared to HD cable or satellite.

And then you have online sources, a myriad of sites and services offering free programming, though plenty of them aren’t legitimate. It’s also just as likely that some of your favourite current shows can be freely streamed directly from a broadcaster’s website.

When there’s a show I want to watch, I just navigate to the episode I want, plug in my laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable and that’s it. Other times, I just use my laptop or iPad to do the job.
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I know that Canada has large expanses of no OTA reception. I think a KU band FTA satellite setup would be worthwhile in a lot of those locations.


My understanding of Canada's policy to go digital, is only their major markets are going to all digital, other markets will remain analog, here is a web site that explains their policy.
Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2011-184

Personally, I think the FCC should have allowed VHF channels 2,3,4, to remain analog, and moved LPTV into those channels. The biggest problem you have with digital VHF
stations, is that you often lose the ability (unless you are really close to the transmitters) in many markets the ability to pick up the signal via rabbit ears, so then you have to have an outdoor antenna, in some metro markets, which will cause many urban viewers to go to cable.

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