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Hi, well like most everyone else I've decided to try get rid of my Comcast cable. I would like to install an outside antenna above the ridge of my garage. I initially want to connect one TV but depending on how good things go I may want to connect as many as three more. I have been reading through these forums for awhile now and would appreciate your input with regards to recommended antennas and related hardware as well as installation ideas. I had several antenna suggestions on other forums but before I decide I thought ask you guys for any input. I also attached a picture of my garage ridge mounting location. Thanks.


Here is the link to my TV Fool report:



Thanks eveyone for your input, I was close to ordering the ANT751 antenna based on advice I received on another forum but I changed my mind. The more I read about the Antenna Direct DB4 and newer DB4E the more I think I'll go that route. Anyone here have any experience with the newer DB4E? I only hope I can receive WMUR (VHF) along with the major UHF stations to the south, if not I may need to add another small VHF antenna.
Thanks again.

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I cut the cable down here North of Boston. I am never going back. I should have done it a long time ago. I am very happy with the picture and amount of channels I get. My only complaint is that I cant get some of the New Hampshire channels due to an obstruction in the signal by a big hill and some trees in my area.
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