Cutting the cord is "Overhyped" according to...


I'm about to go Andy Rooney here after seeing this article earlier today. I know it's over a year old, but sheesh, talk about garbage

From Tech Crunch: Moving Away From Cable TV To Internet-delivered Content 'Overhyped & Overanticipated' | TechCrunch
Can you guess what is the “perhaps the most overhyped and overanticipated phenomenon in tech history”? If you guessed “replacing cable TV with Internet services like Hulu,” have a cookie!
The deal is that a recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that a whopping 88 percent of respondents paid for TV, i.e., cable or satellite. Of those people, only 15 percent “had considered” replacing their TV service with something like Hulu full-time.
I wouldn't call 15 percent "considering" replacing their cable service "Only".

There could be several reason for that.

One, people are lazy. Who wants to go through the hassle of calling the cable company, haggling with the person on the phone, then bringing over all of the old equipment—cable boxes, remotes, modems, etc.—to the service office?
What a sad assessment. This isn't written based on fact, it's more like a cheer leader cheering on cable company customers to keep paying for programs because it's too much work to cancel their services. The 2 other reasons cited for not canceling cable are just as bad.


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Drawbacks of going "internet only" are lack of live programming, bandwidth caps, and lack of a simple "user friendly" interface - kids in particular have a tough time navigating internet TV devices. "Channel surfing" is not very practical on an internet device compared to cable or satellite.

Of course, bandwidth caps and throttling are something that more cable providers are doing to slow the exodus of cable subscribers.

All these problems can be remedied, for the most part, by getting the bulk of your content with an antenna, and using internet content as a supplement to your programming, rather than the primary source for content.


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Do kids today even know what an antenna is?
If you get enough channels, the kids don't even know they have an antenna. My oldest (17) did miss her Disney channel, but was happy that we got CW. And anything the older kids want to watch they can find online.


Do kids today even know what an antenna is?
My kids never knew what a TV antenna was until we made the switch to OTA and we do supplement are TV watching with the computer, but no subscription service like Netflix. The only subscription video service I use via the computer is the NFL Game Rewind. After 3 years without cable TV, I asked my 17 year old son, if he thought we should go back to cable TV (he is 17, trust me, he is not interested in saying things he thinks I want to hear, just the opposite), he said, why would want to pay for something we get for free. Three years ago when we drop cable TV, he wasn't saying that, but he is now. Young people adapt better then we may think.

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The arguement of "Cutting the cord is Overhyped" ...

Let's see: $100.00 (average) per month over ten years is $12,000.00 in your bank account -- not theirs.

I think I'll stick with my 30+ FREE channels received via antennas.



The arguement of "Cutting the cord is Overhyped" ...

Let's see: $100.00 (average) per month over ten years is $12,000.00 in your bank account -- not theirs.

I think I'll stick with my 30+ FREE channels received via antennas.

I haven't had pay tv in several years. Digital has added channels for me in the Chicago market, including: What I can pick up on my Magnavox converter box: (Bold for HD)

WBBM-TV 2.1 (CBS) (RF 12)

WMAQ-TV 5.1 (NBC) (RF 29)
Nonstop 5.2
Universal Sports 5.3 (until the end of the month)

WLS-TV 7.1 (ABC) (RF 7 & 44)
Livewell Network HD 7.2
Livewell Network SD 7.3

WGN-TV 9.1 (CW) (RF 19)
Antenna TV 9.2

WTTW 11.1 (PBS) (RF 47)
WTTW Prime 11.2
Create 11.3
V-Me 11.4

WOCK-CD 13.1 (Mega TV) (RF 4)
WOCH-CA 13.2 (Arirang, simulcast of WOCH-CA analog 41)
LATV 13.2
America One 13.4

WHNW-LD 18.1 (World Harvest TV) (RF 18) Don't care for this station

WYCC 20.1 (PBS) (RF 21)
WYCC SD 20.2 (simulcast of 20.1)
Mhz Worldview 20.3

WSBT-TV 22.1 (CBS) (RF 22) get some nights from South Bend, IN
SBT2 22.2
Weather radar 22.3

WWME-LD 23.1 (MeTV) (RF 39)
Bounce 23.2
WWME-LD 23.3 (MeTV simulcast for now)

W25DW-D 25.1 (HSN) (RF 25) This one recently came back in on the converter box after the new antennas were put up.

WCIU 26.1 (Ind) (RF 27)
U Too 26.2
MeTV 26.3 (simulcast of WWME-LD 23.1)
MeToo 26.4 (simulcast of WMEU-LD 48.1)
This TV 26.5

WFLD 32.1 (Fox) (RF 31)

WCPX 38.1 (Ion) (RF 43)
Qubo 38.2
Ion Life 38.3

WESV-LD 40.1 (Estrella TV) (RF 40)

WSNS 44.1 (Telemundo) (RF 45)
Inmigrante TV 44.2
SOI TV 44.3 (this is new for this station)

WMEU-LD 48.1 (MeToo) (RF 32)

WPWR-TV 50.1 (My TV) (RF 51)

WYIN 56.1 & simulcasted on 56.2 (both channels in 720p HD) (PBS) (RF 17) (licensed to Gary, IN, & serves NW Indiana rather than Chicagoland)
Lakeshore Kids 56.3 (SD Widescreen) (PBS Kids Go)
WYIN simulcast 56.4 (SD Widescreen)

WDCI-LD 57.1 (Daystar) (RF 30)

WXFT 60.1 (Telefutura)
WXFT SD 60.2

WJYS 62.1 (Ind) (RF 36) (62.2 is leased, while 62.1 & 62.4 are brokered channels)
MCTV 62.2 (simulcast of WEDE-CA anlog 34)
Prism 62.4 (Ind)

WGBO-DT 66.1 (Univision) (RF 38)

This isn't complete as I haven't checked some channels in a while, & the list I provided is what I pick up from my home in Gary, IN.


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Here is my channel list not counting Spanish language and repeat channels.

2-1 KWGN Denver's channel 2 (CW)
2-2 THIS

4-1 KCNC CBS4 Denver

5-1 KOAA Colorado Springs/Pueblo (NBC)
5-2 News 5 Now

6-1 KRMA Rocky Mountain PBS
6-3 Create

7-1 KMGH Denver (ABC)
7-3 The Cool TV
7-4 24/7 News

9-1 KUSA Denver (NBC)
9-2 Accuweather

11-1 KKTV Colorado Springs (CBS)
11-2 MyKKTV (MyNetworkTV SD)

12-1 KBDI Colorado Public Television
12-2 KBDI+
12-3 Megahertz Worldview

13-1 KRDO Colorado Springs (ABC)

20-1 KTVD Denver (MyNetworkTV HD)
20-2 MeTV as of 1/1/12 (Currently NBC-US)

21-1 KXRM Colorado Springs (Fox)
21-2 KXTU (CW)

31-1 KDVR Denver (Fox)
31-2 Antenna TV

There are also over 6 Spanish language channels, so that makes a "cable package" of over 30 channels.

KWHS World Harvest 51.1/51.2 is also receivable at my location, but not with my main antenna.

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