Cutting the Cord on Cable TV's Pricey Monthly Bill

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From the DailyFinance article:

... "Take a deep breath. The era of digitized content is ushering in a new wave of cost-saving viewing: From streaming-video websites to digital media providers, these alternatives to cable TV might prompt you to chuck the cable box for good." ...

Cutting the Cord on Cable TV's Pricey Monthly Bill -- Savings Experiment - DailyFinance

* It's a shame FREE over-the-air TV reception wasn't included in this article, especially because one paragraph is captioned "Free TV". I receive about 30 free channels using an antenna.


I cut the cord in 2009 when I got broadband. You couldn't pay me to get cable again. Whenever I go to my aunt and uncle's house, I find myself browsing through all the channels, completely uninterested in any of them. Even the news gets repetitive after an hour or so and I don't like sports.

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