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One question; I have one electric switch in the attic and an outlet. How much would these interfere with the RF signal? Is it a matter of distance or it's location in relation to the line of sight that matters?

I have not bought the pre-amp yet. Trying to decide between the type that needs power at the antenna, vs. down the line where I plan to (and before) I split the signal. The answer to my question above will affect my decision. If the electric in the attic is going to cause a problem, I'd like to avoid adding a power device in the attic. Let me know what you think.
The outlet shouldn't be a problem. And wait for the amp - let's see if you need one first. It may well do more harm than good, especially when you have some close / strong signals.


That's what I was thinking also, ordered the antenna, combiner, transformer (75/300) as well as the DVR. Should have all that tomorrow or the next day. Thanks!
I agree with MrPogi hold off on the amp. You may not need it. Adding an amplifier increases the complexity of the antenna system, decreases the reliability more parts to break down, can add to the complexity of trouble shooting if you have problems, and creates potential for amplifier overload from strong TV or out of band signals. With that said I have worked with one system where using an amplifier solved reception problems.


This post is inspiring. It's both like an old Barn find... Except it's an Attic - Antique find x 3! And it shows simplicity in antenna's back in the day (I would guess this to be like the eBay 100+ mile antenna of the 1950's! However back then, you only had a few channels to catch, so back then it wasn't needed to be such a science involved!

I'm curious if a make shift director addition would add to his gain (for 1 antenna, would need to have 3 identical directors if ganging I assume). But then again, you could simply replace those with 1 modern antenna and an amp (if desired or needed).

I'm willing to bet someone would be happy to own those 3 antique's, but it may take some time finding that person!

Nice Find,


I know Fringe already knows this but it is for drive buy readers elucidation.

A director is an antenna element in front of the active element(s) that helps the active element(s) harmonize with incoming signal.

A make-shift director is very similar to a jury rigged director - not part of the original manufacture and design.
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