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Alright Pros I'm ready for your help

TV Fool

I bought the Insignia indoor antenna from best buy for $19.95 and that gives me
the elusive ABC vhf channel. It looks like just about any antenna is going to give
me CBS, ION, MyN, and the CW. So I need your help to get FOX and NBC.
I've tried the MOHU Leaf 50 and the Wineguard FL5500, neither one picks up FOX or NBC. I'm in an apartment so I've only got 8 feet to work with but I have no problem
hanging an outdoor antenna in one of the corner ceiling areas if that's an option.


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Rabbit Ears and a Loop (which is what that Insignia is) aren't always the best for reception. But, since you're getting CBS, I don't see why you're not getting NBC. As far as your FOX at 20 miles, I think it's more of placement than the Antenna its self.

The main Antenna Farm is (for you) is SSW (206°) of your location. IF you can't get your Antenna over to a window which faces approximately SSW, you can buy a Coax Cable (20ft or whatever it takes) and a Inline Connector, to give you the length for placement. The key is getting the Antenna in direct line of sight with the Transmitter.

IF that doesn't work, we can suggest another Antenna, AND, recommend that you use your Extension Cable and Connector with it too.

Get back to us.
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Yeah, I want to buy a good UHF antenna, either the best indoor or a small outdoor. There's a 3 story apartment blocking the direct line of sight. The Mohu Leaf 50 had Fox for a little bit, but I haven't even had a blink of NBC yet. Thanks


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Umm, darn those pesky buildings :evil:

But before we get into another selection of an Antenna, get that extension (coax and coupling) into place, and let's see just how that works. Get enough length where there's enough to get another Antenna outside of the window, when/if we go there.


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There are several Antennas which will make the trip for you, but, I need to know more...

Are you restricted about how big an outside Antenna could be, or does your Apt Complex have any other regs about such ?
Do you actually have a window facing about SSW. and would you rather have the Antenna inside in the window, or on a mount outside ?

Given your responses to these questions, I'd like to call on the other Mods/Contribs to offer their suggestion on the Antenna.


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Thanks Houston,
I have 3 windows together facing West, so I have enough room to point a big antenna SSW 206 degrees. The space could fit 4.5 feet by 4.5 feet antenna pointed in the right direction through the window, 8 feet from ground level. Doesn't sound too good does it, but I'd still like to purchase a good antenna, thanks partner,


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OK !

Take a look at...

SSig Xtreme HDB2X:
Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB2X 2 Bay UHF Outdoor TV Antenna (HDB2X) from Solid Signal Antennas&sku=700112818394
This is a small 35 mile Antenna, which you probably could fit inside, in the window frame.

Clear Stream C1C:
Antennas Direct C1C ClearStream Convertible Indoor Outdoor Medium-Range Digital TV Antenna (C1C) from Solid Signal Antennas&sku=
This is a wall mount, which you could place just outside, above a window.

Both above get VHF-hi and UHF.

If one of the other Mods/Contribs would like to chip in with a recommendation, please do.
Keep in mind, that the mount (if outside) will be very close to the ground.
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SWHouston has been doing such a good job with this that I've seen very little need to add to it. I'm not real optimistic about your situation, but you have not yet tried any antennas that have any real gain on UHF. I know that indoors in a city higher gain antennas are not always the answer, but it is certainly worth a try. The low cost Stellar Labs antennas are what come to mind. The four bay is only 31.5" high.
Stellar Labs HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Bowtie Television Antenna | 30-2425 (302425) | Stellar Labs
Stellar Labs HDTV 30 Mile Bowtie Television Antenna | 30-2420 (302420) | Stellar Labs
I've seen photos of the dual band Stellar labs 30-2440 being used as an indoor antenna.
Stellar Labs VHF/UHF HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Antenna | 30-2440 (302440) | Stellar Labs
Indoor reception can be any where from very tricky to impossible. If your TV will support direct channel entry of real channel numbers it can speed up your signal search many TVs will some will not. It is seldom documented in the owners manual. An example based on your area if you enter 42 the TV will display 68.1 ION when it finds the signal on real channel 42. This works on both my Panasonic and Samsung TVs. Knowing the real channel numbers and finding a way to enter them can be a real time saver when signal searching. Knowing the real channel numbers in my area I've programmed several TVs, and converter boxes without ever doing a channel scan. I have ran across a couple that would not support manual channel entry, and other that had a similar method buried in the menus.
The C1 is likely to need help on high VHF, and is nothing more then an optimized UHF loop.
You may still need the rabbit ears for high VHF which can be combined with a higher gain UHF antenna using an UVSJ.


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Steve, thank you for your kind words, and, you brought up a very good point.

With those large windows, Joel could fit even a large DB in one, and use a VHF-hi possibly outside.
Problem with that is that 8' number that he gave, is well within the "mischief" range for someone. Then, if there is a place (roof) or higher on the side of his building for a separate Antenna for the VHF, then, why not use a single full range like you mentioned.

Take a look at the recommendations, and consider what placement would be best.


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Alright Boys, I bought the VHF/UHF HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Antenna

Stellar Labs VHF/UHF HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Antenna | 30-2440 (302440) | Stellar Labs

It looks like everything is gonna be great, so far no pauses on CBS or ABC.
The problem is that I still can't get NBC or FOX and it's not the antenna, it's
my Dynex tv, they don't have manual channel add. So now I need to get
a TV with manual channel add. For example I can go to 4.0 but not 4.1.
thanks guys, love the antenna


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FANTASTIC ! :thumb:

But I thought you were going to mount the Antenna in one of your large windows. That's why we were suggesting the DB type. Anyway, are you going to hang it inside, or outside ?

How did you determine that not getting those channels was the TV ?