Damage Claim Caught in AT&T/Directv Merger - DirecTV

Has anyone had success with a damage claim submitted prior to the AT&T/Directv merger? An installer fell through my ceiling when installing Directv. I personally think he was drunk, because he was too quick to say it was not like he'd been drinking or anything and told me 2-3 times that his manager would require him to be tested.

I submitted a damage claim to damageclaims@directv.com in Septemeber, which was inside of the claim filing window specificed on the form, only to find out via email on November 28th that "We do apologize however due to the merger with AT&T the DIRECTV damage claims department was closed on 8/1/2016. AT&T assumed all claims processing and processed as of that date." I find it ironic that the email address was still being used. I have called customer care at 800-531-5000 for assistance multiple times to no avail.

I want my claim addressed and feel like I'm being ignored and I'm a new customer very close to leaving.

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