Dancing with the stars – and then there were three

**** Spoiler Alert ***** Maria Menounos was eliminated tonight on Dancing With The Stars, which leaves three finalists, Donald Driver, William Levy and Katherine Jenkins to move onto next week’s final competition along with their dancing partners, Peta, Cheryl and Mark respectively. The elimination of Menounos and her partner Derek Hough came as a complete shock, especially because they were at the top of last night’s leaderboard and I thought they clearly should be advanced after outstanding performances, and her emotional personal story. I know public vote counts but do you think Maria should have been eliminated?

Each performer’s story was very touching, however I was particularly moved by NFL great, Donald Driver’s tale of how meeting his future wife in college helped him to change his course in life and be a better man. Driver had endured an impoverished early childhood and then later was involved with drugs before putting all that behind him for the love of his life. It was a compelling story that I thought took guts to tell.

I felt Donald and Peta were shorted points last night by judge, Carrie Ann and she over-compensated Katherine and Mark’s first performance that clearly had some missteps. Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann scored Katherine and Mark’s second dance a bit lower after her injury at the end of the second dance. I thought William and Cheryl’s performances were worthy of moving on to the finals, and thankfully the public vote agreed. Was I wrong on my criticism of Carrie Ann?

William’s sexy body and Katherine’s graceful movements command attention, but it is Donald that I’m going to be voting for to win the coveted mirror ball trophy next week. Who is going to get your vote?


I thought Katherine Jenkins recovered nicely from her back problem after she and Mark were called to continue on to next week. I was really sorry to see Maria Menounos go home. She was such a positive person.


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The judges always have favorites. They have marked Katherine high all year long. I like her. She's good, but to get 9's with that ending was appalling. She should have gotten 8's. Had it been Melissa & Maks who danced that exact routine the same way, they would have gotten 7's. Donald is good but not as good as Maria.