'Dancing with the Stars' Renewed in Spite of Low Ratings This Season


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Among the reality shows renewed by the networks for another go around is ABC's Dancing with the Stars. The dancing competition is set to return, even though its numbers from this season are down from last year.

View attachment 1678 I am not a huge fan of the ratings game myself. Networks tend to react too quickly these days, and good shows never have a chance to find their footing and evolve.

Today's generation has a combination of less patience and more choices. Odds are, a show like Bonanza that took 2 to 3 seasons to really gain popularity would never have made it through a single year.

The point here, though, is that fans are a little fickle. Is it the dancing they like or the chance to make fun of celebrities as they perform? The truth is that this season has been the best ever in terms of dancing quality. Whereas in past seasons, there were an abundance of judges' scores in the 5 and 6 range (and lower), this year, they have been extremely rare. They were no clunkers in the cast, including the oldest competitor, Gladys Knight. Viewers who did not feel there was enough controversy in the amateur dancers or who regretted that they had no C-list performers worth taunting online are missing out on some great dancing. As I said, this year is arguably the best in terms of quality.

However, Dancing with the Stars will be back, though it has not been announced if there will be just one cycle or two. In addition, there are rumors circulating that the next round may be an all stars round. Mario Lopez aided that rumor a while back with a slip of the tongue that he had been contacted about it.

Whether it is an all stars cycle or a new one, I will continue to watch. I do get frustrated with the judges, who seem to pick out favorites and score them higher. It has backfired on the judges sometimes, and I always smile and feel proud of America at the moment for voting and not letting the judges get away with their favoritism. They do have a pet dancer this season as well. It's obvious when you watch, and they also have a pet celeb to browbeat, which frustrates me. However, the annoyance with the judges has been less this season than others because, yes, the overall quality of the dancing has been fantastic.

Can this show come up with another group like this one? Will the viewers tune in? We shall see.


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