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Does In Home Xfinity Beta App usage count towards total data cap usage?

I have been looking at our data usage and have seen the huge thread on over data cap limit.

My question is we have the Xfinity Triple Play Super+ plan I think is what its called. TV, 1gb Internet, and unlimited phone.

The rep really pushed or strongly suggested instead of a bunch of boxes to use the Xfinity Beta app thru Roku devices or the like for our TV viewing.

I am paying for TV service and paying for internet service. Before this cap I could have cared less if the TV viewing thru the Xfinity Beta App was part of the data or not. But now that they are implementing this 1.2TB cap and charging extra for overage or forced into a increased cost upgrade it really really matters. My thought is that would be adjusted off the total usage meter used for measuring towards the cap.

So once again, the question is, does in home Xfinity Beta App usage count towards total data cap usage?

I seriously doubt it should as it can only be used if you have a TV plan meaning you are paying for that service already and thru the same physical network.

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