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This question is about "Dcx3400m lost features", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Prior post not showing. Hope this is not a duplicate.
just had old dcx3400 swapped for new dcx3400m and seem to missing many features important to me. Are the missing or just hidden.
1. Guide press twice and rows and columns in guide swapped. Ideal for searching a single channel for upcoming programs.
2. To see all upcoming soccer could do
search, sports, soccer and get two columns "left" all channels showing soccer (whether sports channels or not) "right" showing the specific program on the corresponding channel. Scroll to the right to increment the time slot in 30 minute increments.
3. When searching using the on screen keyboard had an option to save the search to a saved searches list for future access.
Are all these missing or simply hidden?

This topic covered Dcx3400m lost features, and TWC cable tv service.
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