Dead r-15 (no power) - DirecTV DVR

For Dead r-15 (no power), relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Twice this week (Tuesday morning and again this evening) when settling in to watch some TV, I hit the power button on my (less than 4 month old) R-15 receiver, and nothing. I tried both the rectangular button in the middle as well as the round one that controls the TV and the R-15 (yes, the TV came on). The remote works my other DirecTV receiver, so I know the problem is not the remote. I pushed the power button on the front of the receiver, and still nothing. When I pushed the red reset button, the unit re-booted, and went through its set up and seems to operate fine. Is the receiver defective? Am I going to have to reset it every couple of days? It has worked well up until this week.