Dealing with loud television commercials (Kim Komando article)


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I would really love to get rid of those loud commercials. The problem is that where I have those commercials the most is on the online streams of satellite radio which by and large isn't really regulated by the FCC (in terms of its content).

I'm also not a fan of Gov't intervention when it is not needed. I think that it's really not needed in this case quite honestly, except for overly distorted audio. I'm going to sound like a broken record about WNJJ-LD but I have to wonder if any of their engineers even listen to the audio output for any length of time. Seriously, some of their infomercials have really really REALLY distorted audio where it really looks like someone set the volume on 100 and just let the station run on auto pilot.

They are lucky it is digital TV where they won't cause interference to any of their neighbors. If it was analog TV they'd be as wide as a barn door and literally killing their neighbors.

I work at a cable network and literally everywhere you walk you see VU meters on screen. If anything is overdriven someone has to notice it, even if you don't work in audio you will notice it. In addition to monitoring the feed from master control we also monitor the satellite return, local cable providers and DirecTV. If overdriven audio is present anywhere someone will notice it.

I find it appalling that any station broadcasting anywhere would repeatedly have distorted audio going out to the public. It's just an embarrassment.
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Until now, I had not concidered overdriven audio is now limited to a digital channel's given bandwidth and it cannot wipe out neighboring frequencies. I'm trying to learn all the time and thank you for this lesson. :D



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"Congress is working on a solution."

Great. I feel better now.

My TV has AVL (AUTO VOLUME LELELING) that helps, but not completely.