Deals on Genie DVR for DirecTV current customers



Is DirecTV only giving deals out on the Genie DVR for new customers? I have one of their older DVRs but still have a year left on my contract and can't find anything on DirecTV's website on whether they're going to give loyal customers a deal.


Yes they are only offering the Genie to new customers unless you are willing to purchase it for $399.00 dollars. I have had this conversation with Direct multiple times and still have not received a reasonable response from them on why they do not offer the same to existing customers. I have pointed out that I spend almost $2000.00 dollars with them every year, however that does not seem to matter. I would be curious to see how many others have had this same conversation


Dtv will only give the genie to new customers for free. I was quoted $399 for delivery and set up plus two year commitment for genie dvr as an existing customer. I will try to negotiate with them and see if I can get for free as I've been a customer for 12 years. If not I'm switching to dish and will get the hopper for free. It's crazy for an existing customer to pay $399 to get what they are willing to give for free.


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If your current eqipment is more than 2 years old, you might be able to do better. If you are over that and they don't want to make a deal, tell them you want to quit and come and get their stuff. Customer Retention will get back to you in a hurry.


Dtv, and all other cable companies seem to think that their older reliable customers that helped to build their businesses are entitled to any upgrades or discounts given to new customers. Maybe I will look else where when my contract is up!!!!! TAKE NOTE DTV, OLDER CUSTOMERS NOT HAPPY!!!!

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