Delete shows remotly - DirecTV

I am fairly new to direct tv; I was convinced to move from U-verse. I love the fact that I can download shows ( I travel a lot). However, I watched my first downloaded show and deleted it from my iPad. However, it says I can only delete it from the dvr when at home. Is this really true? If so this is really awful. It appears that you can't do anything to manage your dvr when on the road. I can't see what is scheduled to record, my play list does not update on my mobile device when not at the house, and now it seems I can't even delete shows I have watched ( no way to make room for other recordings if away for a month or two). I'll ask again - am I missing something? Comcast here I come!

This question, "Delete shows remotly," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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