Dell Unbuntu Linux Laptop Reviewed

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Dell's Latitude 2100 with Ubuntu Linux reviewed! Cheap too, a base Ubuntu Linux 8.10 w/ 512MBs of RAM, 16GB SSD (solid state drive) and a 3-cell battery = $369.

One of the features I like about this netbook is that, unlike most of its breed, Dell makes it easy to upgrade the Latitude 2100-N's RAM. While Ubuntu runs great in 512MBs of RAM, and XP does decently in it, the netbook comes with a SO-DIMM (small outline dual in-line memory module) slot that, combined with the memory on the motherboard, will let you give the PC up to 2GBs of RAM. Nice.
Ubuntu 8.10 ran like a charm on this system. It came with Dell 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and I was immediately able to find and use the local Wi-Fi. I used the net for almost the entire time I had my mitts on the netbook, and I was really pleased to find that with the pumped-up battery I wasn't even close to out of power after four-hours of zooming around the Web.
A+ for Dell's new Ubuntu Linux netbook - Computerworld Blogs