Derek Hough of 'DWTS' unsure about returning for season 17


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Popular dancer Derek Hough recently had an interesting interview with the Associated Press' Alicia Rancilio in which he discussed Dancing with the Stars and the choices he has made about his routines and whether or not to sit out a season.

View attachment 2355 Hough joined Dancing with the Stars in season five after his sister Julianne recommended him to the producers. She had joined the show during its fourth season. She has since left the show to focus on acting and singing, which her older brother is also interested in doing.

In fact, Hough has been a bit frustrated by the rigid scheduling at DWTS that has prevented him from appearing on TV shows. Stated the multi-talented performer, “I’ve been offered certain roles on certain shows that would’ve been fantastic but unfortunately they were (on) competing networks. It’s been difficult to juggle both things but I feel like it’s coming to a point now where there’s a lot more support (from ABC).”

Hough has already been absent from one season of the show since he first joined the cast and he says he has not yet decided whether or not he will return for the 17th season. He has a burning desire to do many things, including direct. Add that to his music desires with writing, choreography, and singing, not to mention his many other passions, and Hough is clearly a young man with a lot of ambition.

On the show, he has had a few disagreements with the judges over the years, including a recent dance with current partner Kellie Pickler where judge Len Goodman lambasted Hough for not having enough content in the Paso Doble. The decision that may have had the biggest impact, however, was during last season's All-Stars competition when he chose not to alter a dance for the finals with partner Shawn Johnson that had already been criticized by the judges. The failure to alter the routine was prime in the reason why Johnson came in second and did not win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

Hough explained the rationale in his current dance choices by saying, "There’ve been seasons where I’ve looked back and maybe been proud of one routine the entire season. That bothered me for a while, so that’s why a couple seasons ago I started doing my own thing I suppose. I didn’t want restrictions and I didn’t want to restrict my ideas and choreography and concepts because I was afraid I was gonna get a seven or an eight or a six (score from the judges)".

Hough remains arguably the most popular pro dancer on the show, perhaps in part due to his three past wins with celebs Jennifer Grey, Nicole Scherzinger, and Brooke Burke-Charvet, who now co-host the show with Tom Bergeron. Hough could add a fourth trophy to his credits after this week's tenth round of dancing in which he and Pickler are in the top four pairs.