Devious Maids - Are you watching this guilty pleasure?


Devious Maids has a lot going on. It's very similar in tone to Desperate Housewives (as would be expected since Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria are producers). However, it has a slightly more diverse cast (or at least more Latinas) and is perhaps even crazier at times. There is a bit of mystery to the show, although it is pretty predictable and telegraphed for the viewers, and it's really only the characters who keep secrets from each other. Many of the actors are brilliant - the maids in a more relatable way, and some of the wealthy characters in a very eccentric way.

They've changed the story a lot for season two, with almost all of the maids working for new clients (and becoming clients with other maids themselves) and a new "mystery." There are also several cast changes, with new characters coming on and characters from season one being written off. I was particularly annoyed by the death of a major character, because I wanted to see his storyline play out differently, and I'm not convinced the story of the surviving characters is worth it.

Is anyone else a fan of Devious Maids? What do you think of the new season so far?
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