Diane Keaton talks with Jay Leno

Anyone catch Diane Keaton on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thurs., April 26th besides me? She was on to promote her new movie, Darling Companion with Kevin Kline. From the looks of the movie clip that was shown, this movie may have the dogs howling. I hope I am wrong about that, but the audience didn't show much enthusiasm at all. I thought she had on the most bizarre outfit, a grey two piece with big black polka dots and a hat with some wild pins, so it looks like she hasn't outgrown her quirky Annie Hall look. I'd love to hear someone else's reaction to her outfit! She talked animatedly about her book Then and Again, a combo of an autobiography on her and a biography of her mother, which I found endearing. Has anyone read it? I'd love to hear if it might make a good Mother's Day gift.


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I saw about 30 seconds of it when I was going up and down the dial. I don't like Leno so it takes a lot to get me to watch an episode. I don't recall much about Diane's outfit except that it looked normal for her. Like you said, it's pretty much how she has dressed for decades.