Did Netflix Win Big At The Golden Globe Awards?

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At the Golden Globes this week, House of Cards only took home one award, but they also began setting a new standard for how television works and what the future of Netflix might look like. The only award that they received went to Robin Wright for her best actress winning performance. Despite that single win, the Golden Globes brought a new level of attention to the Netflix series and the potential that the service provider as a whole might be able to provide. Netflix has spent a lot of money on producing their own content, including $100 million on House of Cards for just one season. This might validate all of that spending.

With shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Hemlock Grove filling up their original programming, this is the kind of attention that they need. For those without Netflix, who rely on cable networks to tell them which new shows you can watch, many people might not have even heard of these series. Watching the Golden Globes provides much more mass appeal.

The main thing that this serves to validate is the potential for it to take over as one of the larger pay for content providers in the way that HBO currently is. Netflix costs just $7.99 a month and this exposure can bring up to 100,000 new subscribers it could stand to gain $4.8 billion, which would make it more than pay for all of the content that they have been cranking out recently.

HBO has a similar model in that it wants to create long stern story telling projects that have a cinematic feel. HBO has had a difficult time with that due to the price of a subscription and the requirement of having a cable subscription and then adding a package that includes HBO in it. As a result, Game of Thrones is the most pirated show of all time and HBO can’t find a way to remedy that. With every new customer that comes to Netflix, though, it has a new customer that won’t have to resort to pirating their shows that are of the same quality.

What also stands out as House of Cards gains more awards nominations is the fact that it doesn’t have to conform to any existing standards for cable television shows. They don’t order pilots for shows like House of Cards and offer a complete control deal that allows companies to produce shows the way that they want to. This was a big deal when people like Louis CK got a deal with FX, but now Netflix can offer it to people who don’t even have any form of cable subscription.

What does this all mean? Well, it goes without saying that this is going to give Netflix a lot of exposure, especially if its shows continue to win awards like this. At the end of the day, though, it might come down to a problem of having to raise prices if they are going to be able to afford the kind of content that they are providing. It remains to be seen, but it looks like this was a huge score for House of Cards, but Netflix as a whole as well.