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Dear Valued Customer,

We just made your fast Internet speeds even

faster. And the best part is, you don’t have to do

a thing.

We know that today there is more to see, learn, play, share and do online than ever before. That means more streaming video, more music and movie downloads, more photo sharing and more gaming. You have more devices in your home than ever before, from laptops to game consoles, e-readers to smartphones, which means you need more speed so everyone can do what they need to, and all at the same time if they want to. That’s why we have increased your Internet speeds from 15 Mbps to 20 Mbps. (OOOHHH MY)


This speed increase for our customers is just our

way of saying thanks. Enjoy your faster speeds!

*Email ends*

Wait for it.......... I'm paying around 180 bucks a month for TV Variety and sport pass, no preniem channels other than the sport pass thats like 11-12 dollars, and internet only. This past 2 weeks i notice my speed so slow it seems they actually downgrade me from Extreme internet to basic. from 50-100mb to 20mb touche Spectrum touche.

Pardon my french but what the hell!!!



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