Did you see the episode with the deaf parents?


I watched most of it. But since the kids were watching it too, I finally turned it off. I was concerned they might get ideas that if these kids on television were out of control and were getting away with it, then they could too. I do agree with Supernanny that the parents should have tried harder to teach the kids American Sign Language.

For those of you who didn't see the show, the parents only had one child who could communicate with them. That child is now 18 and raising the younger children. Not teaching all the kids ASL, would be just as bad as any parents not teaching their children the language they communicate in. It's hard enough raising children, when you do understand each others language.
I saw the previews for it, but didn't get to watch it!!! It looked like the 18 year old was doing the majority of taking care of the children from the brief summary of the episode that ABC did on it...


Both parents were deaf. They had several children and only the oldest one knew American Sign Language fluently. She was 18 years old. When she was home, she became the mother of the children. She took over completely when she walked in the door. The parents tried to take care of the children in her absence, but were unsuccessful.

The children knew only a very little sign language and refused to learn more. They would talk disrespectfully to and about their parents while in the same room. They constantly took advantage of the parents not being able to hear and had no respect for them at all. They ran wild and did whatever they wanted to, like many children on this popular show.

Supernanny came in and monitored the family situation before beginning therapy. She talked with both parents and the teenager who was considered the second mom. This teen was also completely overwhelmed. She had no life of her own, no time for a social life. She was a mother at a young age. While this may have been the norm several years ago, today we prefer for teens to have time to grow up before having to raise children.

Once supernanny had done interview all three caregivers, she set her plan in motion. She had the teen talk with her parents individually as she wasn't comfortable opening up with both at the same time. Then supernanny set down with the parents and gave them her assessment and plan of action. One of the first requirements was to have the parents give the children sign language class. The first one went pretty well, and the mother was quite relieved. Then,.....

Well, actually that's all I saw. Maybe, someone else can continue the summary.
No I didn't see this episode. I wouldn't care if my kids refused to learn the ASL. They would've been in a classroom. Especially if that's the way that I communicate...I need to have my children communicate with me. Plus I feel bad for that 18 year old...that's when you want to have a social life and boyfriends and whatnot. I hope everything worked out for this family though.
I did not see the show either but that is too sad that an 18 year old was expected to take care of the younger kids. I blame the parents for not making the younger children learn how to communicate with them when they were young enough to not realize they had a choice in the matter.
I cannot imagine having children that I could not communicate with at all. That is just unbelievable!