Different lists from different rooms - DirecTV DVR

For Different lists from different rooms, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have 2 HR22's as well as I believe 6 H22's all networked together. I currently have them networked through an ethernet switcher, but it seems to be working OK. The only issue that I am noticing is that not all rooms seem to have the same programs listed when I push list. There are no parental controls or restrictions on any of the. Also when I delete a watched program it disappears from the list on the receiver which I did it from, but it still sometimes shows up on other ones. If I go to watch it from one of them it then gives me an error message, as it seems to have indeed been deleted from the source DVR. Also sometimes some of my receivers loose the DVR's completely, even though I still have a network connection. The only way I can fix it when this happens is with a red button reset, then all is fine until the next time. Is this a common issue, or is this likely related to my networking?