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I recently upgraded my service to the new X1 and finally got around to also getting some standard digital adapters for a couple of other TVs in my house. There is 1 main X1 box and two XIDs along with three standard DTAs with coax output. The X1s and their service work fine and up until a couple days ago the DTAs worked fine as well. I was running an additional coax cable (without changing any of the existing wiring) and now none of the DTAs work correctly. They only get channels 7-12 and all the other channels give status code 225. When I check the signal strength it says good and the receiving infornation says yes only on channels 7-12. The X1 boxes work fine.

I didn't change anything besides running an additional line from an existing splitter and tried adding an additional TV. When that didn't work I unplugged what I had just done and still couldn't get the existing TVs working again. I have tried swapping the DTAs between TVs and still no luck (although I didn't try the X1 location because I didn't want to disrupt that while it was working).

There are currently only two splitters, a three way when the cable comes in initially which goes to the main X1 DVR and the modem and then a five way splitter/amp before the rest of the connections. Even the other XIDs are after this second splitter and still work.

Any help or suggestions on things to try would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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