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Just purchased a Samsung UM32D4000 LCD TV and get a "weak or no signal" caption on the TV. I am using a Dish VIP 722 receiver. My old 32 inch CRT TV works well, but I cannot get a signal on the new LED TV. Is there a signal booster that I can install betwen the receiver and the TV that will allow me to obtain a signal? I tried a Radio Shack powered signal booster without any results. Just curious if the more expensive units would work. Any halp appreciated.


How are you hooking your Dish receiver to you TV? Is it via a coax cable, or the audio video out on the Dish Receiver? If you are going via coax (and the fact that you tried a signal booster makes me think you are), try turning on the Dish receiver, and tuning with the remote to channel 3 or channel 4, if that doesn't work, trying doing a channel scan on your TV and with the Dish receiver turn on (please note that if you have two coax connectors on the back of your TV set, you will have to hook via the one that is for NTSC, not ATSC). If you are going from the dish receiver via the audio video cables, or HDMI (the HDMI will give you the HD picture), you need to change the input source on your TV, via your remote (often marked source or input on the TV remote) to find the dish receiver (make sure you have your dish receiver turn on when you try it). I suspect some one at the Dish Network support center, would be happy to help walk you through it.


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It can't be stated too well, that if you're using coax cable between the Dish VIP 722 and your HDTV that the output is analog SD, not digital or HD. You need to use HDMI or component video to get HD (HDMI is prefered).

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I'm not sure why you are using coax rather than HDMI, but I suspect the short 'jumper' is defective. If you could substitute a different 'jumper' or 'patch cord/length of cable, that should prove if the original is faulty.

Dkreitchen, can the Dish output be in HD using component cables? Agreed, as you suggested, HDMI is FAR preferred.



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dkreichen, can the Dish output be in HD using component cables?
Yes, just like on my Dish DTVpal DVR the composite (red, green, blue) is HD. On the other hand the composite (yellow cable) and coax out is SD. I doubt his cable is bad, just that the TV is not set to the correct channel and therefore doesn't see the signal and no amount of amplification will fix that. But, he needs to get a HD cable to start out with.