Digital Converter Box For Cheap


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I can't believe some of the reviews I read for converter boxes in general. Sure, there a are a few legit complaints, like runs hot, DOA, and died in x days, but some are really dumb.

(These are for various boxes, from Walmart and other review sites)

I also do not like the fact that I read that you cannot look at one channel while recording another with the converter. THUMBS DOWN 4 ME
Really? What converter does that?
poor reseptshion. few stations. shuts it self.
Yea, it is supposed to do that. You can make it stop, RTFM.
The Box didnt say you need an antenna. total rip-off
Where do you think the signal comes from?
I hooked it up to my cabel and it didn't work
It needs an antenna, you can't plug it in to the CABLE OUTLET.


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Most of the 3rd party stuff is not warranted. They do it as a convenience and service. If you read the info, it will say it's not covered under their A-Z warranty, etc.