Digital Converter Boxes - Still searching for one?

With the digital transition come and gone, many TV watchers are still searching for DTV Coupons and how to get a free digital converter box. At one time, the US government helped subsidize converter boxes through the converter box coupon program, but that program ended more than 3 years ago.

View attachment 2026 So where can one find a deal on converter boxes in 2012 and 2013?

Most electronics stores and large retailers still stock converter boxes. Places like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Radio Shack carry various brands of boxes with an average price of $40. More sophisticated converter boxes with extra features like high definition output and a DVR can cost from $80 to $200.

For bargain hunters, better deals can be found at online auction websites like Amazon or classified ads website Craigslist. Prices range between $20-$30, though buyers should note that converter boxes will probably not include a warranty.

What to look for in a converter box?

Before making a purchase, it is good to remember that not all converter boxes are created equal. Features like tuner reception ability, image quality and convenience of use may vary from device to device. Coupon-eligible converter boxes had to comply with a set of minimum specifications, such as offering the option to adjust the size of the images received (including being able to watch windscreen programs in letterbox format), and the ability to decode Emergency Alert System messages, subtitles and parental control data.

Optional features that increase the desirability of a converter box include S-video output, support for a smart antenna, interactive program guides, software updates, low power consumption, analog passthrough (which allows both digital and analog programs to be viewed on older, analog television sets), support for the Canadian television rating system, support for secondary audio channels, and more.