Digital receiver issues


I'm locate din Western PA. I'm new to digital cable and I have just received two Motorola DCT2000 receivers. I have one connected and after a lot of difficulty (I'm told by Comcast that these are new and they did not have the proper activation procedure) it is working. I now have the symptoms of a weak digital signal, although the analog signal was fine. I am told that a service man will have to come out and check things. My question is what should I expect him to be checking? My house has been wired internally for a long time and if the internal coax is obsolete, it would very labor intensive to rewire. What are the chances that the external cable system is the problem? Thanks in advance.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Our tech will be checking signals from the street to the first connection at the home all the way to the cable box. If there is an issue on the inside it will be described to you in detail and the option will be provided to you on what needs to happen. Rest at ease though, many of these issues are very simple to fix by our techs and usually comes at no cost to you.

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