Digital Stream DTX9950 Converter Box


At the recommendation of the Radio Shack employee, I purchased the Digital Stream DTX9950 along with a Radio Shack Indoor HDTV/FM HD Radio Antenna.

I live in an apartment complex and am on the bottom floor in an inside unit. I am approximately 7.6 miles from the transmitter. The TV, converter box, and antenna are located next to a window. Since setting this box up, my reception has been inconsistent. One day I will get a station perfectly, the next day it's scrambled. When I try to adjust the antenna to get that station, I throw off the reception to other stations that came in just fine. I have repeatedly scanned for channels, but there are still two local channels that simply do not come in. This is the Pasadena, CA area and the channels are KCOP - Channel 13, and PBS - Channel 28.

The channel guide on this unit does not work for some channels. The message displays "no info".

This unit was working up until two weeks ago when it just died. It would not turn on at all. I tried different outlets just to make sure it wasn't my electrical, but it will not turn on. I'm not sure if anyone else has run into this problem with this unit, but given this problem, I would not recommend this unit to anyone.


Good review. There probably should have been more regulation over converter box design and durability. Tons of these are failing on the net!
i never had one literally go dead but i have seen tuners in them die or be crappy out of the box. then the occasional few which have lousy trouble keeping a station lock if even the most minuscule fluctuation happens, causing them to peg in the red and requiring the box to be rebooted every time.
EPG guide information is supplied by the station. You should contact the specific station directly and they should be able to assist you. Regarding reception, at that close of a range you shouldn't need anything to special for an antenna. Are the stations in question at lower power right now? Hows your analog reception? Is this antenna you are using amplified? 7 miles out you shouldn't necessarily need amplification or other you'll just drown out the signal.

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