Digital Stream OTA DVR


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Not much information on this one at this point, but the price isn't all that bad ($255).

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Ed Milbourn did a review for HDTV Magazine here: HDTV Magazine - Ed's View: Cutting the Cord with Digital Stream's HD DVR

The disappointing aspect of this unit is the user interface (UI). It is crude, clunky, and unintuitive. There are, of course, reasons for some of this. To avoid TiVo and TV Guide patent infringements, the Digital Stream cannot use any guide information and many of the DVR “trick” features to facilitate recording scheduling and playback. So, the UI is essentially a mid-1980’s VCR interface replica replete with the same text fonts. If not for the HD capability, one could acquire a VCR with an ATSC tuner and achieve the same result.
I'm certainly glad that I still have a working Dish DTVpal DVR (Channel Master CM-7000pal) and don't have to worry about all this TiVo patent infringement stuff.