Digital Transition for Dish Network customers?


Actually, it depends on how you're getting your local channels. If you're getting them through Dish you'll be fine, if you're getting them through antenna, you'll either have to have a TV with a built in digital tuner or connect a converter box to your analog TV.
Dish network airs the same PSAs on their network and it adds so much confusion to any customer of theirs. i was a Dish customer when they started airing it and i called their tech support to inquire and they told me (incorrectly) that if i'm hearing the ads i need to upgrade to DishHD but i later found out they were trying to scam me into their HD service since i still had one of the older DishPro systems and they even tried to convince me that they'd stop allowing any DishPro receiver to work post-transition, but after phoning other tech reps i found that to be quite false.

The truth is your dishnet satellite receiver is the converter. it's already doing the job of one, taking a digital satellite signal and converting it to a format compatible with your TV, be it analog or digital.