Digital Transition Postponed to June 12th, 2009

Jason Fritz

Staff member
It's pretty much official, the dtv deadline will be delayed until 6-12-09.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate passed a bill on Monday to delay the nationwide switch to digital TV signals, giving consumers nearly four more months to prepare.

The transition date would move to June 12 from February 17 under the bill that was fueled by worries that viewers are not technically ready for the congressionally-mandated switch-over.
Source: Senate passes bill to delay digital TV switch | Technology | Reuters

Jason Fritz

Staff member
The article also mentions,

It would also allow consumers with expired coupons, available from the government to offset the cost of a $40 converter box, to request new coupons.
but I haven't confirmed whether or not today's approved change includes allowing expired coupon holders to re-apply.

Will smith

DTVUSA Jr. Member
Its a great news for all those who have not been able to keep up with their coupons and with the programs , Glad that it got extended and we have got ample time before the dead line.
So is it officialy delayed by 4 months? On local news last night, they ran a segment and said that the transition WAS postponed, but the Rueters article says that it the House hasn't approved it yet? So the House and the Senate each have their own "measure"? Will they combine the measure's for one big bill with the dtv coupon extension and new rules?