Digitenna to give away $6,000 worth of products as part of promotion


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Digitenna of Oostburg to give away $6,000 worth of products as part of promotion | sheboyganpress.com | Sheboygan Press

"P.J. Weber, marketing and sales director for Digitenna, said the company is doing the giveaway as a response to promote free over-the-air television in high definition as an alternative to pay cable television.

The company said the giveaway will benefit the community and helps those who need financial assistance in a small way by providing the means for free television.

Discounts for antennas will be provided to people at the event for people who do not receive a free antenna."


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A page right out of Antenna Direct's playbook, minus the road trip, of course.

I do think getting outside the area where they are based would be a better promo, though.


If I were making a trip to Wisconsin, I would take advantage of that offer. I could use some new antennas, and getting one from Digitenna would be a start. If any type of antenna I'd prefer (article didn't say what type of antenna), I'd prefer the 8 bay antenna that adjusts to allow one set of 4 bays to point in a completely different direction. Hopefully this company isn't focussing on the UHF only antennas, since Milwaukee & Green Bay markets have 1 full power VHF-Hi stations each (Milwaukee with RF 8 & Green Bay with RF 11)